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Historical Book

Lane Education Service District has custody of historical school records dating to circa 1900. These historical documents are public records to which public access has always been available; however, existence of these documents was largely unknown. Handling of these aging records is tedious and destructive to the documents. Digital imaging of this information provides quick and easy access and better images than the original documents.

Student census records and many other records are organized by district number. Alphabetical and numerical keys for 239 Lane County districts are provided to assist in searching for information in these documents.

Learn more about the history of Oregon’s Superintendent of Schools.

Additional information on historical records are available at the Oregon State Archives and the Lane County Historical Society and Museum.

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Key to District Names and Numbers

Record of School Fund Apportionments 1904-1919 (115 MB)ApportionmentsYes
Record of School Fund Apportionments 1922-1947 (230 MB)ApportionmentsYes
Record of Superintendents Apportionments for Libraries; Records of Library Orders 1906-1910 (85 MB)ApportionmentsYes
School Fund Apportionments 1919-1922 (21 MB)ApportionmentsYes
High School Record County Board Minutes 1908-1932 (102 MB)Board MinutesYes
Non-Union High District Minutes 1933-1959 (7.9 MB)Board MinutesNo
Rural School Board Minute Book 1947-1963 (28 MB)Board MinutesNo
District Boundary Board 1909-1932 (154 MB)BoundariesYes
District Boundary Board Minutes 1933-1954 (20 MB)BoundariesNo
District Boundary Board Minute Book 1955-1994 (28 MB)BoundariesNo
Record of School Districts 1890-1913 (168 MB)BoundariesYes
School District Boundaries 1908 (156 MB)BoundariesYes
Eighth Grade Exams 1935 (9 MB)Eighth GradeYes
Eighth Grade in Full 1935 (5.6 MB)Eighth GradeYes
Record of Eighth Grade Examination 1928-1932 (20 MB)Eighth GradeYes
County Funds of School Districts 1906-1909 (239 MB)FundsYes
County Funds of School Districts 1890-1899 (80 MB)FundsYes
Lane County Committee for the Reorganization of School District 1939-1962 (21 MB)MiscellaneousNo
Record of Teachers 1932-1941 (53 MB)RegistersYes
Register of State Certificates and Diplomas 1905-1912 (22 MB)RegistersYes
Register of Teachers 1921-1942 (201 MB)RegistersYes
Register of Teachers 1941-1947 (74 MB)RegistersYes
Register of Teachers Under Contract 1904-1920 (168 MB)RegistersYes
Register of Teachers in Commission 1891-1931 (202 MB)RegistersYes
District Clerks’ Annual Report 1912-1916 (141 MB)ReportsYes
District Clerks’ Annual Reports School Superintendent 1903-1909ReportsYes
District Clerks’ Record Book District No. 88 1908-1909ReportsYes
District Clerks’ Record of Funds 1901 (553 K)ReportsNo
District Clerks’ Record of Funds 1902-1903 (466 K)ReportsNo
District Clerks’ Record of Funds 1903-1904 (539 K)ReportsNo
Monthly Reports for the Public Schools 1909 (154 MB)ReportsNo
School Superintendents Account Book County Treasurer 1899-1904 (319 MB)ReportsYes
Superintendents Record of Annual Reports (Figures Only, No Names) 1890 (73 MB)ReportsYes
Superintendents Record of Eighth Grade Examinations 1905-1918 (152 MB)ReportsYes
Teacher and School Employees 1957 (9.1 MB)ReportsNo
Teacher Contracts Registered 1935-1954; 1954-1955 (12 MB)ReportsNo
Teacher Contracts Registered 1951-1952; 1952-1953 (6.8 MB)ReportsNo