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Media Library Services

Media Library Services provides an array of materials for Lane County public school educators, including Vernier probes, Edison Robots, Family Engineering kits and over 200 models.

Models and Kits

There are a variety of ways to order media materials, including the Media Services Online Catalog and by phone.

Models and kits will be sent to the school via the Lane ESD Courier Service.

Instructions for online ordering of models and kits

Digitized Media Access

Lane ESD provides access to digitized videos, clips, images, and audio files for participating Lane County districts through a subscription to Learn360. To access the digitized materials, visit the Learn360 website.

Copyright Guidelines

See Lane ESD Copyright Guidelines for more information about copyright in education.

Professional Library Services

Professional Library Services offers collections and support in the following areas:

  • State Adopted Textbooks (Instructional Materials) – Materials adopted by the Oregon Department of Education. For more information about state-adopted textbooks, go to ODE’s Instructional Materials page.
  • Journals – Access to a wide variety of professional and popular journals through the Oregon School Library Information System (OSLIS) and Gale.
  • Research Services – Our staff can help guide you when looking for education-related information and research.