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January is School Board Recognition Month!

January 11, 2024

Originally created by the National School Boards Association in 1995, 2024 marks the 29th anniversary of School Board Recognition Month. It provides us with an important opportunity to recognize the talented, dedicated, and people on Lane ESD’s 16 locally elected component school district boards, as well as the seven elected Lane ESD Board members who are the core of the public education governance system in Lane County.

As people who come from all walks of life, School Board members work on a volunteer basis to both support students and represent their communities when it comes to public education. Each school board brings together a group of members working together with the common goal of helping students to learn, grow, and overcome the challenges as well as the celebrate the triumphs of their educational journeys. Lane County’s school board members often face complex and demanding challenges, especially across the past few years as they supported our educators and students in navigating the hurdles of a pandemic.

Working together for the nearly 600,000 students of our state, Oregon’s 19 Education Service Districts are instrumental in building a powerful and equitable system that serves students from birth to age 21. ESDs respond to the unique and pressing needs of local school districts and communities to empower all learners with justice-centered opportunities, equitable leadership, and a passion for life-long learning.

School Board Recognition Month provides us with a terrific moment in which to recognize these untiring and dedicated individuals and their work in bringing leadership to our schools. Bridging the worlds of parents, teachers, educators, administrators, students, and school leaders, school boards help us all continue to work for the brightest future possible.

Take a moment to share a story, shine a spotlight, or thank a Lane ESD or local school board member today!