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High-Expertise Teaching - Module 5: Using Principles of Learning to Maximize Student Engagement and Achievement


January 16, 2019

Time: 8:30AM-3:30PM
Place: Lane ESD
Presenter: TBD
Audience: This course is applicable for teachers, instructional leaders, and administrators
Capacity: 45-50 participants
Fees: See fee schedule
  • Explain the meaning and the benefits of at least 10 Principles of Learning that can be applied to most learning experiences
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of learning experiences by strategically selecting and applying relevant Principles of Learning
  • Develop a plan for teaching students about Principles of Learning that can support them when they are working independently

How can we design learning experiences to maximize student engagement and increase the rate and durability of learning for students? This is the focus question for a one-day exploration of 24 research-based principles of learning that can be applied and embedded in everyday lesson design. We will consider principles related to designing for cognitive impact and designing for motivational impact, as well as technical principles of design and principles impacting attention and engagement.

Lunch: No lunch will be provided.
Prerequisites: Module 1 is a prerequisite for all additional modules.

All participants will be provided a certificate for PDUs based on the training hours.

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