Lane County Teaching and Learning Academy

Module 1 – The Knowledge Base of Teaching

Research for Better Teaching Pyramid

This module is an overview of the organization of the knowledge base as it is described in The Skillful Teacher (Saphier, Haley-Speca, Gower, 2018) text. This session will include a survey of the 18 areas of performance that a teacher must attend to in everyday instruction within four categories: curriculum and lesson planning, motivating students, delivering instruction, and managing a classroom. Participants will develop an understanding and be able to apply the three key concepts of area of performance, repertoire, and matching.


  • Explain the purposes and functions of the knowledge base of teaching
  • Explain the concepts of “areas of performance,” “repertoire,” and “matching” and how these three concepts define professional knowledge
  • Expand/refresh your repertoire of teaching strategies
  • Recognize that the larger the repertoire the more precise the match
  • Continue to develop cultural proficiency in the context of our schools and classrooms
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