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Career Technical Education (CTE)

Carl D. Perkins Funds Eligibility

From time to time we are asked to clarify the use of Carl Perkins funds in school districts. A summary of the eligibility requirements from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) State Plan and the federal law shape the following information.

To be eligible for Carl Perkins funds a district must have a state-approved career-technical education program. As stated in the Oregon State Plan for Vocation Education and Technical Education (March 31, 2000):

"The act and this state plan both allow for the expenditure of Perkins funds from grade 9-14. Perkins funds expended at the secondary and post-secondary levels may only be used for state-approved career technical education programs and for support services that increase access and eliminate barriers to participation in career technical programs."

A state-approved career technical education program is one that

  • integrates technical and career proficiencies with academic content
  • prepares students for the workplace, furthers education, training, and family and community roles
  • provides a coherent sequence of courses to ensure learning in the technical area
  • has a size, scope and sequence that bring improvements in career and technical education
  • provides students with a strong experience in and understanding of all aspects of the industry

In order to be approved, a program must have the following:

  • occupational demand
  • instruction based on skills, standards and knowledge required in the occupation
  • access for all students
  • an active advisory committee
  • safety practices
  • guidance and counseling support
  • facilities, equipment, and supplies of sufficient quantity and quality
  • means to connect students to the next level of learning (e.g. articulated credit, transition opportunities, etc.)
  • student leadership development and opportunities
  • a work-based learning component
  • a certified instructor with the appropriate endorsement

The state goals for the use of Perkins funds include:

  • academic and technical skills (career technical education) development for students in vocational education programs
  • school improvement (e.g. CIM, CAM and the new diploma requirements [Career Related Learning Standards and Experiences])
  • connection between secondary and post secondary curriculum and assessment in career technical education
  • curriculum development, implementation and integration of academic and career technical education
  • "all aspects" of an industry (i.e. marketing, finance, production, customer service, management and human resources)
  • application of technology to the teaching process and to training of students in technology related careers
  • non-traditional training (related to gender imbalance in occupations)
  • success for special population students
  • partnership with community groups and stake holders (parent, business, students, etc.)
  • assessment of quality programs
  • career development of educators in CTE
  • comprehensive career development and school counseling in transitions

In Lane County, the Perkins district contacts have a process for program approval and for applying for an instructor endorsement based on work experience in the industry. Arrangements for the approval process are made through the regional coordinator.

If you have additional questions please contact Shareen Vogel at 541-461-8275 or

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